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Why Do Adults Get Acne? By Laser Hair Removal Adelaide – Call Us On 08 8361 3310

posted by lissa

Why Do Adults Get Acne? By Laser Hair Removal Adelaide – Call Us On 08 8361 3310

When you were in your teens, it was bad if you got acne. It was embarrassing and frustrating. But more so if you get it now in adulthood.

The number of people suffering from adult acne has been increasing. And the number one reason is so easy to detect, yet patients don’t see it.

The most common cause of adult acne: Using the wrong products with the wrong formulation!

Now you know why it gets frustrating. You’ve wasted all that time and money on the hopes that your product will make the acne disappear.

There is actually an easier way to resolve this is by getting a professional analyze your skin. You must establish a cause and effect for any skin type, and that includes acne. Is it due to a medical condition? Stress? Heredity?

A professional skin consultation with a highly qualified aesthetician can get to the root cause. She will discuss with you:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Any medical condition you may have
  • Your current skin care regimen
  • Your diet

Then she will get an objective look at what’s going on beneath the surface. And she will be able to tell you precisely what your skin wants.

No guessing. No wrong products. No wasted money.

Your skin can’t heal if it doesn’t have the right ingredients and they are loaded with cheap fillers! When you add a clinical treatment to further boost the effectiveness of your skincare products, we expect you to say, “I look amazing!”

Why Do Adults Get Acne? – Call Us On 08 8361 3310

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