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Weirdest Beauty Treatments

posted by gmilner
Weirdest Beauty Treatments

Weird Beauty

While we all want to look our best and often strive for a more youthful look, some have taken the quest for beauty to new and weird heights. Check out some of the strangest beauty treatments out there and decide if your daily routine might include some skin nibbling fish or a dollop of good old bull semen.

Bee Venom


Honey has long been known for its health benefits but what about Bee Venom? As an organic alternative to Botox, bee venom tightens and firms up the muscles in the face giving more fullness, a reduction in wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.

 Sheep placenta protein cream

Face creams have been around for a long time and the recovery properties of protein, are well known. So why not combine the two by creating a sheep placenta protein cream? Of course! Sounds totally weird but some of the world’s most beautiful women swear by its ability to regenerate skin tissue. 

Bird Poo


Facials take on a whole new meaning when you start involving bird poo. Unsurprisingly developed in Japan, the bird poo
is dried under UV lights and combined with rice bran and water to create a face mask. If it’s glowing, radiant skin you’re after then poo could be you.

Bull semen


A London hairdresser and bull semen, curious? Organically produced bull semen is mixed with the root of the Katera plant and massaged into the hair before blow-drying. The semen is chilled so it doesn’t smell which of course makes everything just dandy.

Collagen rich pig’s feetimage008

Back to Japan for a collagen rich treatment that fortunately is not for vegetarians. By consuming large amounts of collagen rich pig’s feet, you too can look young and beautiful.

Snail secretion skin cream

deead68a8d1acf94d971397543e5f584_f93In Chile they’ve come up with a snail secretion skin cream that helps reduce acne and wrinkles and doesn’t harm the snails.

Venom facial1da3a715727ff1cb0f8d1a6621b54975_f94

If you’re not into snake bites, perhaps a snake venom facial might be the way to go. It reduces wrinkles by shocking and tightening the skin.


image014From a crazy centuries old medical treatment, leaches have sucked their way back into vogue as a skin beauty treatment that improves circulation.

Fish Pedicured6fb40cd4142a07486e7f3506684636f_f96

Fish pedicure anyone? Hundreds of little fish nibbling the dead skin off feet has become very popular but it could leave you with a nasty infection.

Beer Bath

Finally a beauty treatment for men! A beer bath, after all everyone looks great when large amounts of beer is involved. image018

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