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UGH! Why Does My Skin Get So Dry In Winter?

posted by lissa
UGH! Why Does My Skin Get So Dry In Winter?

UGH! Why Does My Skin Get So Dry In Winter?

You already know that your skin undergoes a drastic change in colder weather. Less humidity, wind chill, and cold temperatures cause your skin to scream for moisture.

It can be a battle to get your skin to maintain that springtime radiance. But why does weather have such an impact?

Your hydrolipidic barrier. This little jewel is like a water well and a protector, all in one, on the surface of your skin.

In warm weather, your hydrolipidic barrier is full of moisture because the humidity is much greater. In the winter, it’s significantly weaker. Because this barrier also protects your skin from foreign substances that could harm you, it is extremely important for you to lend a helping hand!

Here’s why:

• Lower water levels in your hydrolipidic barrier makes it more brittle
• Skin becomes tight, dry, red, and itchy
• Skin gets dull and scaly

That’s why you need a stronger exfoliant to sweep away winter’s debris.

To keep your skin plump, you’ll most likely need a serum, one with hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring substance is already present in your skin, and it attracts 1000 times its weight in water, boosting low water reserves.

Lastly, switch out your warm weather moisturizer for a heavier one. Your skin needs that support!

Talk to us about which one is right for your skin type. And, if you aren’t already getting facials, don’t dally! Schedule them now.

It’s all about self-care, ladies! And you’re worth it.

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