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Thermal Detox Slimming Blanket

The Benefits of Using an Infrared Blanket.

The infrared blanket will heat your whole body directly compared to a traditional sauna which will only heat about 20 percent on average. So the infrared thermal blanket can warm you faster and more efficiently than a conventional sauna, and allowing you to breathe more easily.  You can lose weight and detoxify your body in 30 mins.The very safe infrared can penetrate 2-7 cms into the skin, which enables the body to sweat.blanket


–       Detoxifies and burns fat.

–       Quickens lipolysis (the breakdown/splitting of fats). Removes unwanted fats in your tummy, waist, hips. Great for Wedding Prep.

–       Extracts waste from the body such as heavy metals, poisons etc. activates hormones

–       Speeds up metabolism and enhances absorption of nutrients, Improves the function of your organs, e.g. Liver intestine and stomach.

–       Acts as physical therapy for myalgia and neurosis. Balances the autonomic nervous system and has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, lactic acid and the liver.

–       Improves the immune system

–       Diminishes inflammations and aids in Post Pregnancy recovery.

–       Promotes sleep and sleepiness.

–       The pressure on your spine is halved when you are lying down.  Your muscles will be loosened and your whole body relaxes.

–       Your blood circulates better and the strain on your heart is reduced.  Your capillaries are expanded while oxygen is flowing throughout your body. This can help stretch mark reduction .

How Infrared Works

Infrared Thermal Therapy stimulates and increases circulation helping activate the body’s natural healing and repairing processes. Far Infrared energy is absorbed very easily by the human body and is being used for detoxification programmes by Doctors worldwide.

Due to todays high levels of stress and toxicity the body’s natural ability to heal, is often compromised. Some of us have reached critical stress and/or toxic levels and we do not have the energy to detoxify or repair our bodies.

The internal production of Infrared energy that normally occurs within our tissues and is associated with a variety of healing responses will respond to the boost given by Infrared Rays.

The Infrared Rays will be selectively absorbed by those tissues needing a boost in their output. So for healing and detoxification to occur successfully we often require a boost of Infrared energy to maximise healing responses. Thermal energy will rise, tissues will become more active and the pace of metabolism will increase. It is almost like re-charging the body’s battery.

Infrared Rays Do Not Damage Skin

Infrared rays are safe and beneficial rays from the sun. (J Cardiol.2008)

Infrared Rays Do not cause sunburn and damages your skin & should not be confused with Ultraviolet Light which can cause sunburn and damage the skin.

How Does The Infrared Blanket Treatment Feel?

The infrared thermal blanket treatment utilizes far infrared rays (FIR) to heat the body from inside out which helps promote fat burning and increase the metabolism within the fat cells as opposed to a typical sauna, which only heats the air around you.

You will definitely sweat and you will feel like you’ve had a deep cleansing at the end of the 20 min session. You will also have the feeling of a vigorous workout as you heart beats faster. Here, you get a cardiovascular workout that is similar to jogging 2.5 miles. You do lose inches and calories. The immediate inch loss is due to mainly water loss and will be regained immediately after replenishing the body with water. However, the calorie loss is very effective.RUNNING

Infrared Rays are the invisible light waves from the Sun that warm our bodies directly, without heating the air. They make us feel warm, energised and healthy. They penetrate deeply into our body and are of great benefit to our cells and tissues.

“Using this product now for approximately three weeks, I can say that the Infrared-Blanket works very well. You will definitely sweat and you will feel like you’ve had a deep cleansing at the end of a 20-30 min session.*”

Douglas Taylor

Infrared is Safe – Your Body Generates Infrared

Approximately 50% of the energy generated by your own body is in the form of Infrared rays. So infrared is completely safe*. (J Cardiol.2008)

When our bodies are heated by FIR rays the activity level of our atoms are increased and heat can be generated. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize Winner and the discoverer of vitamin C, believed that all energy from the sun has profound effects on us. His research showed that light can literally alter the body’s basic biological functions.

When the body absorbs Infrared Rays it is being charged with the pure energy that is easily available to the body. This energy is in the form of photons which is fuel that the body can easily use for healing and repair, ultimately helping the body’s natural regeneration processes.


Infrared Rays warm the body using low temperatures – even as low as 370C which is body temperature. Far Infrared rays warm your body directly and NOT the AIR. They penetrate the body deeply giving many health and cardiovascular benefits.

Conventional Saunas, however can be very uncomfortable as they operate at high temperatures between 65 to 950C, using the hot air or steam to heat your body. The skin becomes heated and transmits this heat to the cells closest to the skin.

Over 30 Million People Worldwide
Have Received Infrared Treatments

  • Doctors are increasingly coming to the view
    that everyone should undergo regular detox
    ……even people who are well.
  • You cannot see the heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, cleaning products, plastics that are entering into your body through
    the air you breathe, pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, (usually found in our teeth) lifestyle, (sitting at a desk too long, if you are not moving, you are not getting increased circulation to flush your toxins)   food you eat or the water you drink.
  • A study conducted 2004 found that 28% of lipsticks contained
    cancer causing chemicals. Modern lipsticks are formulated from upwards of 10,000 chemicals, 89% of which
    have never been tested for human safety!
  • Once the toxic load has been reduced the body can repair and heal itself.

After Care

  • Have a shower at home after treatment as many people report they feel as if they just worked out.
  • Most people feel relaxed and report a general sense of wellbeing.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water after treatment. If for any reason you feel light headed, drink some more water.

The Infrared Blanket Treatmentu W to expect during the session

The Infrared Blanket Control will be turned on and let it warm up for 5-10 minutes before you lie down in your blanket on a treatment bed. You will feel a deep heat radiating from within as your body begins to expel waste and starts thermogenesis!

The Infrared Blanket contains multiple Infrared emitting points throughout its surface. The Infrared Blanket makes no noise but will slowly begin to send warming Infrared heat into your target areas.

You will wear your underwear or your   bathers if you prefer.  Please bring underwear as they will be wet after treatment.

During the session you may listen to relaxing music or simply lay there with the lights out and rest. Don’t worry about falling asleep, many people do. It is very relaxing. Have a towel and water close by to rehydrate during your session if desired. After the session your body will continue to be at an elevated metabolic state and continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours.

So that your body does not become dehydrated you need to drink lots of water the same day of your treatment. This water consumption is important and will not take away from the benefits of your treatment! A light 20 min daily exercise or brisk walk along with a high protein diet is most effective!

Typically after 20-30 minutes you will begin to sweat. Most people will sweat a lot during the treatment, this is your body metabolizing calories and purging out toxins.  After the session is over, get out of the Infrared Blanket and use a clean towel to wipe all of the perspiration (contains toxins) from your body so you don’t reabsorb any of the toxins that have been released during the infrared session.

You are given a glass of water after your treatment.

Treatments are 2-3 days a part minimum.Medica Considerations

Common sense dictates if you are on medications or have physical conditions, you should consult your physician before using any deep heating treatment such as Infrared Thermal Energy Blanket.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. To be eligible for refund, you will need to call the salon within 2 weeks of your last treatment and attended an appointment to review your treatments.

*Disclaimer: Results Will Vary from Person to Person