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Ion Spa

What is an Ion Spa Detox?

An Ion Spa Detox treatment is a 30 minute invigorating footbath. Your feet are placed in a warm clear water bath. The array initiates a small electrical current in the water delivering a gentle treatment of – & + Ions while you relax and enjoy.

During the treatment bio energy is created in the footbath, water being a perfect medium to conduct the treatment just like a thermal spring allowing the body to recharge naturally.

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The Science of an Ion Spa Detox

The ionSpa ionic foot bath produces positive and negative ions that detox and rebalance.

While the body’s natural electrical impulses flow daily, age, injury, and illness can affect the electrical flow, causing a person to feel bad. The ionic foot bath, which is not a medical device but rather an instrument of assistance, works to detoxify the body of harmful substances and re-establish its natural balance. Users of the ionSpa ionic foot bath testify to the healthier, obvious difference they feel after a session.

The ionic foot bath operates through a process called electrolysis by passing direct electrical current through the foot bath water to break apart the H2O (water) molecule. This releases oxygen, stable hydrogen and the negative hydrogen ion (H-), the core benefit of an ionic foot bath session.

This negative hydrogen ion is a powerful antioxidant, pH balancer and the catalyst most responsible for ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) production, our body’s greatest energy resource. In the past, we received the negative hydrogen we needed through the consumption of raw vegetables and light proteins but modern processing, storage and handling has virtually stripped the modern diet of this increasingly vital element. Gentle and relaxing ionic foot bath sessions allow the body to uptake this “fuel of life”, which is essential in balancing and reenergizing the body’s natural ability to purge toxins and heal itself.

Here’s what others say about the Ion Spa Detox

  • “A 60 year old lady after regular treatments was feeling great and decided to give up smoking and her ability to cope at work increased by 100%!*” – Donna McNamara
  • “I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at my wellbeing. Great results and I feel happier, and even feel younger!*” – Jules Griffin
  • “Straight away I felt lighter. It made such a difference I bought my own ION SPA.*” – Rob – Concreter. WA

Call us NOW on 08 8361 3310 to experience the amazing difference an Ion Spa Detox can make for your health and well being.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. To be eligible for refund, you will need to call the salon within 2 weeks of your last treatment and attended an appointment to review your treatments.
*Disclaimer: Results Will Vary from Person to Person