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Body Wraps

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Body Wraps

Blue Swan Body Wraps – the best the sea and nature offers. It is a combination of essentials oils, minerals and organic mud coupled with your body’s heat processes to detoxify, distress, firm and tone.

Benefits of Body Wraps*

Blue Swan Body Wraps are a safe way to improve peripheral circulation and lymphatic drainage whilst loosing centimetres as you have each treatment. Blue Swan Holistic Body wraps are designed for detoxification. De-stressing, slimming and to promote calm and well being. Rebalancing of the body and addressing skin allergies have excellent proven results with Blue Swan body wraps.

Laser Hair Removal Adelaide body wraps

Tips for Body Wrap

Take a warm shower before applying wrap. This will open the pores.

Drink lots of water both before and after your wrap. That will help in flushing out the toxins and dislodged fat. Keep a glass of water nearby so you can sip while you relax.

Try to avoid caffeine, sugar, fried fatty foods, and soda drinks.

Body Wraps – Read What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • “I originally had a few body wraps to kick start my weight loss program but continued on when I saw and felt the results. The minerals that replenish my skin and re-sculptured my body was amazing.*” – Martha Sellers
  • “I had body wraps coming up to my wedding I needed to lose some centimeters to fit into my dress comfortablely and feeling very stressed at the time, this was the best therapy. I would recommend anyone to enjoy the essential oils and mineral nutrients and organic mud to detoxify and distress in the most natural way possible.*” – Lorraine Stevens
  • “As a personal trainer, sometimes the stress of life and overindulgent weekends can catch up with you. The body wrap treatment allowed my body to detoxify, tone and improved my lymph drainage. I loved the improved feeling of well-being.*” – Zoë Bentley

Call us NOW on 08 8361 3310 to experience the amazing difference a body wrap treatment can do for you.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. To be eligible for refund, you will need to call the salon within 2 weeks of your last treatment and attended an appointment to review your treatments.

*Disclaimer: Results Will Vary from Person to Person