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Acne and Acne Scarring

Acne Treatment Adelaide

At some point of our lives we all suffer from acne, which creates for you,low self- esteem, which is worse if not treated in the early stages to prevent acne scarring.

We believe, combining the Ellipse treatment with LED Light Therapy will give you the best results.

OFFER: With your first IPL Acne treatment we offer a half price LED Light Therapy. Usually $100 for you first treatment pay only $50.00

We help our Clients obtain a clearer complexion without the use of antibiotics

Acne occurs when sebum is unable to leave the skin because a hair follicle is blocked. This may result in growth of bacteria below the surface of the skin. Inflammation can occur, and rupture of an inflamed area can lead to scarring.

Ellipse IPL and laser systems work by reducing the blood supply to the sebaceous gland, which slows down production of sebum and accelerate the healing process for acne.

Clinically proven, safe and effective

Ellipse IPL laser treatment following use of prescription medication has been clinically proven to accelerate the healing process for acne.

How does the Ellipse I2PL treatment work on acne?

The Ellipse treatment works by directing pulses of light into the epidermis. The light is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood vessels that feed the sebaceous glands.
Haemoglobin converts the light energy into heat, which damages the walls of the vessels supplying blood to the glands. This technique is called “Selective Photothermolysis”.
The visible light produced by the Ellipse I2PL systems is carefully controlled to produce the correct pulse length and wavelengths to reduce the acne without damaging the surrounding tissue.

How acne develops

A normal hair and sebaceous gland (1) can become partially blocked (2). Acnes bacteria live on the sebum and produce fatty acids. The body responds by blocking the gland’s exit to the skin (3). Sometimes the mixture of hair protein, oil and fatty acids damages the walls of the follicle and causes inflammation (4).

The Ellipse I²PL treatment works by reducing the blood supply to the sebaceous gland, which slows down production of sebum (5).

acne and acne scarring

acne treatment before and after*


The Cosmetic and Healing Benefits of LED Light Therapy*  – Frequently asked Questions

One of the most acclaimed and documented treatments for aging, healing wounds, improving skin diseases such as eczema and treating brain tumors and compromised skin cells (such as in the mouths of cancer patients), LED light therapy is fast becoming a revolution in health care.

LED light therapy is a non-invasive procedure done with panels of red and/or infrared lights that deliver low-level pulses of light up to three times brighter than the sun to activate skin cells. It works like photosynthesis for the skin – it converts light energy already found in skin cells to promote healing and anti-aging effects.

The Cosmetic Benefits of LED Light Therapy*

· Assists in killing bacteria in the skin

· Acne, Clears blemishes and minimizes pores

· Improves the appearance of skin tone and texture

· Restores skin’s natural collagen production

· Prevents breakouts

·  Helps to fight infection

· Reduces skin degradation, redness and flushing

· Decreases scarring, redness, dry patches, itching and sensitivity caused by eczema

· Stimulates and activates naturally occurring metabolic function and nutritional elements .

Health Benefits of LED Light Therapy*

Studies show that skin exposed to LED light wavelengths grows 150-200% faster. Therefore, as LED therapy improves the cosmetic appearance of skin, it also promotes the healing of wounds, scars and burns. This happens because skin has a high blood and water content, so it quickly absorbs red light to produce enough energy to cause a healing response from the body.

NASA uses LED therapy to treat muscle and bone atrophy and decreased healing of wounds in astronauts. The US Navy also uses LED therapy on deep sea submarines. Leading cancer treatment specialists are using LED lights to activate light-sensitive cancer treatment pills and having outstanding results in fighting otherwise unreachable brain tumours. LED therapy is advancing the treatment of chemotherapy side effects such as severe mouth sores and lesions.

LED light therapy is safe and effective for all skin types, has no known side effects, downtime or pain and requires no after care. LED therapy units are available for home use and, reliable and simple to operate.

What is LED Light Therapy?

Photo rejuvenation or LED Light Therapy is the use of various colours of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that create an anti-aging effect on the skin.  Exact wavelengths of light emitted from LED’s stimulate and energize cellular activity, which in turn creates collagen and elastin for Anti-Aging benefits. LED Light Therapy has become recognized as one of the safest, quickest, and most affordable ways to achieve younger-looking skin.  It’s referred to by several different names including: Photo-Rejuvenation, Anti-aging LED Light Therapy, LED Light Therapy or Red/Yellow Light Therapy.It is today’s natural skin care at its finest.

What is the difference between Laser and LED?

LEDs produce light that is non-coherent, is not focused, is monochromatic, and is based on spontaneous emission.  Lasers produce light that is coherent, is in a highly focused beam, is monochromatic, and is based on stimulated emission.  Tina Karu (1998: The Science of Low-Power Laser Therapy) states that “…the coherence of light is of no importance in low-power laser clinical effects” and “the primary difference between lasers and LEDs is that the laser’s coherent beam produces ‘speckles’ of relatively high power density which can cause local heating of inhomogeneous tissues.”

Currently researchers & scientists agree that LEDs are effective in generating a response within living tissue and hence has a therapeutic effect if used properly. NASA has produced the best search documentation to date supporting the effectiveness of LEDs to stimulate plants and human tissue.  Consult your physician if you use photosensitive drugs, have any thyroid condition, are pregnant, or have any concerns about using this product.

Is there any scientific proof of Photo Rejuvenation or LED Light Therapy?

Unlike many technologies on the market today, LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of universities, medical labs and most importantly NASA.  There have actually been over 2000 reports and documents written on this technology.

 Are there any side effects or downtime involved from the treatments?

No.  There have been no reported adverse side effects like redness or irritation from the treatment, and the light does not damage skin in any way.

Will LED treatments hurt or be painful?

Not at all.  Because there’s no heat involved, there’s no pain!  Unlike lasers or other ablative (skin harming) treatments, LED treatments are non-thermal, non-ablative, and non-invasive.  Clients report no discomfort or pain associated with LED treatments.

Is LED Light Therapy safe to use around my eyes?

LEDs are very bright and therefore it is NOT advisable to look or stare directly into the light.  No studies have been found showing any harmful effects to the eyes when using our product correctly.   Keep the eyes closed during use on the face or use the comfort goggles enclosed and the light will not cause damage to the eye.

What actually happens during the treatment?

You will have to remove any makeup or sun block before the treatment and you will also be asked to wear comfort goggles. The light then will be positioned close (about 10-12 inches away) to your face or area to be treated for 15-30 minutes.

 How long until I see results?

Everyone’s skin varies*, but most people begin to feel and see a difference after ten days to 2 weeks.   Often the first improvement noticed is that the skin pores are becoming smaller, and for ladies, their makeup starts going on much smoother.   Because of differences in damaged skin, from age, skin condition, diet, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, etc., some people will see the benefits almost immediately and others will need more treatments.   For collagen production and anti-aging, you should see results in 3 to 4 weeks.   However, some individuals experience positive results in a shorter timeframe.   Skin texture and tone improve from the first treatment.   Pigmentation usually fades over the course of 4 to 5 weeks or more of treatments.

The most important things to remember are is that the LED technology works, so it’s just a matter of consistent daily use to determine ‘How long will it take?’   Also it’s very important to take a close-up picture of your face before you start doing your LED treatments  so that you can see the improvements clearly in the weeks to come by comparing your face in the mirror to the picture.

Do LED Treatments work on everyone?*

LED treatments are proven to work on all skin types.  There is an over 90% success rate for people using LED light therapy.

Can I combine LED treatments with other skin care products?

Yes, you can.  LED treatments can be used alone or with other skin care treatments.  In fact your results will happen faster and be more dramatic if used with a high quality anti-aging or moisturizing skin care product.   Many physicians have found LED treatments to complement other skin care treatments.

Will LED light therapy help with acne or blemishes?

With acne and blemishes, it will stimulate the skin’s natural healing process which helps in the treatment of acne, pimples and blemishes.  Skin begins producing less oil as the size of their skin pores decrease.   Reduced oil output also helps reduce the impact of acne or pimples.



 Acne and Acne Scarring

Acne scarring can be traumatic for anybody who suffers… but here is way you can reduce your Acne.

It is an excellent acne treatment for teenagers, boosting self esteem during the most important stage of their social development. The laser can be used to treat the most severe cases of adolescent acne to those surprise break-outs that always occur at the worst time.

Acne Treatments – Read What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • “As a young teenager I was suffering with severe acne now after a series of treatments my acne is very mild and I feel much better about my skin and myself.*” – Chloe Day
  • “As a 13 year old I was very unhappy with my acne, trying different lotions did not work, but the laser treatment was the best long term solution and pain-free.*” – Zachary Quick
  • “Suffering from acne scarring for many years, the laser therapy was able regenerate my cells and help pump out the scars.*” – Lucy Piccolo

Looking for an Adelaide acne clinic? Call us NOW on 08 8361 3310 to experience the amazing difference our acne treatments can do to reduce your Acne.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. To be eligible for refund, you will need to call the salon within 2 weeks of your last treatment and attended an appointment to review your treatments.

*Disclaimer: Results Will Vary from Person to Person