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Saying Goodbye to the Puffy Eye

posted by gmilner
Saying Goodbye to the Puffy Eye


The eyes have the power to make you look young or old, tired and run down or alert and on the ball. Puffy bags under your eyes can be a terrible look and if you live a fast paced, stressful life and want to keep that youthful magic in your eyes, here are some great tips to get you there.

  1. Take two nice cold, round slices of potato, yes potato, and place one on each eye making sure to cover the entire area around the eye. Lay back and relax for about 25 minutes and after the humble potato pieces have performed their magic, you’ll notice a considerable reduction in the puffiness.
  2. Another great ongoing treatment for persistent puffy eyes is cold milk. Take some cotton buds, soak them in the cold milk then gently place them over the eyes, as with the potato and leave for around 25 minutes. As well as cooling the area off, this will also help reduce water retention.
  3. Cucumbers are synonymous with natural skin treatments and are great for reducing bags under the eyes. Place two nice fresh cool slices of cucumber over the eyes for 25 minutes and have a nap. The anti-inflammatory properties of the cucumber will go to work and reduce the tissue swelling.
  4. To continue with this smorgasbord of eye treatments, there’s nothing better than a nice damp and cool teabag. Place a cool teabag over each eye for approximately 25 minutes and then give your eyes a good rinse and gentle wipe dry. This method can also be applied by using green and herbal tea bags, which give excellent results in reducing puffy eyes in less than 15 minutes.
  5. Another very clever way to help reduce swelling around the eyes is to use chilled spoons. Take four teaspoons dipped in chilled water and place one over each eye while leaving the other two spoons to chill. By alternating the spoons you’ll be sure to keep the coolness working to reduce the bags under the eyes.
  6. No great recipe would be complete without egg-whites. Stiffly beaten and applied with a brush, the egg-whites will tighten the skin around the eyes and help to make them look less puffy. After 20 minutes you can rinse your face clean with cool water, gently towel dry and start to enjoy the new you.

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