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Reasons For Clogged Pores

posted by lissa

When there is too much going on in your life, some things are put on the back burner to make more time. And more often than not, skincare is the casualty.

Taking care of your skin does NOT have to be labor intensive. Here are some reasons that result to clogged pores.
Skincare products are too expensive, you choose to not use any or buy the cheaper brand. It is true that spa skincare lines cost more than drugstore brands. But there is a very valid reason for that. Spa lines are more potent and last much longer. Not only are they a better value, the results are quicker.

There are too many products. It’s confusing. There are a lot of products on the market. But that’s where a skincare consultation will serve you well! We can target exactly what you need, taking out the guesswork completely.

I don’t have time for a complete skincare routine. This means something different to almost everyone. That’s why we tailor your product usage to your lifestyle. We’ll provide you only with what you will use!

I’m too lazy to put on SPF everyday. Sun damaged skin is the worst. Not only does it destroy your pigmentation, it also dries your skin, and causes wrinkles, aging you more than how old you really are. Laziness should not be an excuse. Sunscreen sprays are easily available and cuts down on application time.

Now there’s no reason to put skincare at the bottom of your to-do list.

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