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Kick Your Acne To The Curb

posted by lissa
Kick Your Acne To The Curb

Kick Your Acne To The Curb

Acne leaves physical and emotional scars in its wake. Anyone who has ever dealt with this insidious disease knows it wreaks havoc on self-esteem. And the blemishes are an unpleasant reminder of painful days.

So when dealing with acne, whether it’s an active case or you just want to get rid of those pesky scars, consider LED therapy.

This Nobel Prize winning therapy has been acclaimed and well-documented for aging, healing wounds, improving skin diseases such as eczema, and treating unreachable brain tumors.

Born from the initial work at NASA, LED was used in plant growth experiments. It was found to speed up the healing of astronaut injuries in outer space.

Skin that has been exposed to LED grows new skin 150-200% faster.

Imagine what it can do for those old acne scars! And for acne sufferers, the LED blue light kills the P. acnes bacteria, which causes acne.

An incredibly safe treatment, LED also works to reverse sun damage, large pores and fine lines and wrinkles. LED has no recovery time, no harsh chemicals and is a revolution in healthcare without the hefty price tag.

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