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If I Have Rosacea Is It Okay To Get A Facial?

posted by lissa

If you have rosacea, you already know how careful you have to be with any skincare products. So it’s no wonder rosacea sufferers shy away from facials.

Sadly, some professional treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion are simply too harsh for this delicate skin condition. Not so with facials!

Performed by a trained aesthetician, a facial will not aggravate or worsen the condition. Quite the opposite. Once your dermatologist has diagnosed rosacea and prescribed medication to help control symptoms, many recommend professional facials to further soothe irritation and calm redness.

And that’s exactly what a rosacea facial does. Every step is designed to cool, calm, protect and soothe. A direct benefit is a facial’s ability to rid your body of toxins, which helps your skin to function more efficiently, a real plus for calming such an unpredictable skin condition!

A rosacea facial will also enhance the effects of the skincare products you are already using. And did we mention how relaxing facials are? You have nothing to lose except irritation, redness, and inflammation.

Learn more about our rosacea facials. Talk to our aesthetician today.

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