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How To Kill The Bacteria That Causes Acne (And Get Firmer Skin)

posted by lissa

Acne at any age is devastating. Your whole life revolves around what new mischief your skin is up to, how it looks, and how you can cover the evidence of said mischief.

Embarrassing and frustrating, let’s give acne the boot, shall we? It does not belong on your beautiful face!

With ultrasonic facials, we can do exactly that. The process is relaxing, painless, and oh, so effective. That’s because ultrasound kills the bacteria that causes acne. Believe it or not, you will see dramatic results after the first treatment.

But the news gets even better. Sometimes the medications prescribed by your doctor lose their effectiveness when used long term. With ultrasonic facials, you’ll never have that problem.

These facials will help to keep your acne away because it restores balance to your skin. That means it:

  • Removes toxins and free radicals
  • Makes your skin more alkaline

This is how you get healthy, blemish-free skin.

The facial starts with soft peeling, a gentle exfoliation that moves water bubbles across your skin, safely detaching and removing skin cells. With old, dead skin gone, we can push much needed nutrients deep into what we call the “true skin,” your dermis.

That’s where real change takes place! With toxins removed, you now have an environment to create healthy, new skin cells. And that’s the key to acne-free skin.

A series of ultrasonic facials is not only relaxing and healing, it’s your partner in turning back the clock, waking up collagen and elastin cells, telling them to get back to work.

And they do!

Your skin will not only be dramatically free of acne, it will be smoother and firmer, too. Age spots will disappear, and fine lines and deep wrinkles will also make a fast exit.

Fall in love with your skin (maybe for the first time!). And yes, we’re also talking to you, sensitive skin.

Wake up in the morning and love looking in the mirror!

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