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Darkening Your Eyebrows

posted by gmilner
Some Highbrow Tips on Colouring


If your eyebrows are a slightly different shade to your hair, in most cases lighter, then here are a few tips on darkening to getting a great even match in shade without looking fake.
As this method of darkening uses dye, it’s important to be very careful when working close to the eyes. It might be a good idea to get a friend to assist so you can relax and keep your eyes firmly shut.

  1. As with dying your hair, make sure your eyebrows are clean. If your brows have any makeup then the colour won’t take as well.
  2. Once you’re satisfied your brows are clean, you can use a special eyebrow brush (spoolie) or a very clean mascara wand to comb them out.
  3. Starting with the inside thicker part of the brow, apply the colour and work your way to the centre.
  4. Leave the outer part of brow clear.
  5. Once you’ve completed each brow, quickly clean up the edges with a fine wipe or cotton Q-tip so the dye doesn’t stain the skin. Warm water usually does the trick but a professional cleaning solution can also be used if you have some handy. Once everything is neat and clean, wait a minute or perhaps two until the dye darkens and then go over them once more to ensure an even cover. The inside section of the brow can be quite thick so it’s important to make sure you haven’t missed any spots.
  6. After waiting for around 5 minutes, you can start applying the colour to the finer outer part of the brows.
  7. Once again give the edges a good clean to prevent any staining. Wait another 5 to 10 minutes and don’t worry, as the colour can look quite a bit darker than it actually is. If it is a concern, you can always take a bit off with the Q-tip and check. If all is OK, be sure to keep the cover even.
  8. Once you think it’s done, you can remove the dye with a damp cloth.

If you’ve cleaned up as you’ve gone along then there shouldn’t be any problems with staining.
Now all that remains is to take a look in the mirror and check to see if the colour is even. If you’ve missed any spots, don’t worry you can always touch them up to get those perfect looking eyebrows.


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