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Cellulite Reduction With The Spectrim Contour Plus

posted by lissa
Cellulite Reduction With The Spectrim Contour Plus

Cellulite Reduction With
The Spectrim Contour Plus

The Spectrim Contour Plus is the first Australian-designed machine that sculpts and shapes the body by reducing fat and smoothing out cellulite. By combining a range of technologies including infrared light, bipolar radio frequency and vacuum/massage, the Contour Plus breaks down the fat from the body.

The Contour Plus works by heating up the skin to forty degrees at which point the fat cells begin to break down and are expelled through the body’s lymphatic system. It uses infrared laser and radio frequency to heats the tissue up to twenty millimetres in depth. The radio frequency tightens the skin and smooths out cellulite to the point where it disappears.

The vacuum and massage mechanism then accelerates blood circulation and increases blood flow to drain excessive water and toxins within the body. The treatment increases the body’s metabolism leading to the desired anabolic and catabolic reaction in the skin.

The Contour Plus works on people of every size, from those wanting to remove the excess weight on their bellies or thighs to those who are overweight and need a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. It is safe to use on all body parts at any age.

“This technology has been used in the beauty world for years but until now, it has simply been too expensive for beauty salons to take it on – the closest comparison machine has been around for a decade and costs a whopping one hundred grand! With the right machine and a trained technician, this technology is extremely effective and absolutely risk-free,” says James Hay, Founder of Wear Nothing, distributor of the Contour Plus. “Our beauty salon customers have said that this kind of treatment will revolutionise body contouring in Australia – and we truly believe it will.”

During a treatment, the user will feel warmth in the area being treated but this will not be uncomfortable. Most users can see an immediate effect, although at times the result will not be evident until the day following the treatment. Up to ten treatments is recommended for an optimum result and these results will be relatively long-lasting; however, a change in diet and lifestyle is required for permanent results. Users may return for ‘top-up’ sessions at any time.

With no dangerous side effects and no ‘downtime’ required after treatment, the Spectrim Contour Plus is a safe, effective and exciting way to improve body shape and tone.

The Spectrim Contour Plus is currently used in thirty salons across Australia and this number is growing daily. Wear Nothing offers in-depth training to all practitioners using their machines.

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