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Buying Minutes (But Not From A Cell Phone)

posted by lissa
Buying Minutes (But Not From A Cell Phone)

Buying Minutes (But Not From A Cell Phone)

When you’re out in the sun you are literally buying minutes just like on a cell phone.

Every person has a maximum tolerance for sunlight before the skin burns. For some it’s very short, like 10 minutes. For others, it could be much longer, as much as an hour.

We’re not suggesting that you go out into the sun unprotected. However, we do want you to know what most people don’t.

Sunscreens are greatly abused!

Most of us think of sun protection as “set it and forget it.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Sunscreen actually comes with a built-in set of minutes.

To get the most minutes out of your sunscreen, use this formula:

Your maximum time in the sun without burning x the SPF number= safe sun minutes

So, if you’re fair, you may have 10 minutes in the sun before your skin turns pink. Multiply that number by your SPF. Let’s say it’s 30.

10 x 30=300 safe sun minutes

Is there a catch to this rule? Most definitely! If you’re swimming, sweating, or towel-drying frequently, cut the number of safe minutes in HALF.

Don’t let your sun time run out before buying more minutes! Stay safe. Use your sunscreen wisely.

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