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Adelaide Laser Treatment


Do You Want To Reduce Your Hair Growing Back?

Tired of the constant worry and anxiety about hair that was missed at your last waxing appointmnent?

Discover how to reduce your hair growth – the right way.

Fill in your details below to get a complimentary phone consultation with one of Adelaide’s most renowned hair reduction treatment specialists.

Facts you should know about hair reduction will talked about, and how these facts are offering breakthroughs in how hair reduction is treated so you can be silky smooth.

Enter your information below so you’ll never again feel embarressed about showing off your unwanted hair in public. We will send you a voucher for $25 to use on your first treatment.

“I have found LHR at Innovative Body and Skin Rejuvenating Solutions to be an efficient andprofessional service. The staff are friendly and make you feel comfortable when dealing with what can bean embarrassing problem.

The treatment is fast with little discomfort and covers large areas such as my back and shoulders in onesession. Hair regrowth is very slow and the hair is becoming progressively finer which gives a naturallook.

It offers advantages over other hair removal methods. Regrowth is comfortable unlike waxingwhich is itchy and produces ingrown hairs. It offers progressive results in large areas—areas that are toolarge to use electrolysis.

LHR is by far the best method for unwanted hair control—and over the years I have tried them all.”

—Barry,  Tranmere

Scared, nervous or embarrassed because you don’t know about treatments for hair reduction ? No need to be.


New ways of treating your hair to reduce growth long term are coming from understanding why your hair grows that way it does. How would you like the opportunity to discover the truth about how your personal hair reduction can be achieved?

Stopping hair regrowth is easy… Once you understand the true reason of how to treat it.

Remarkable results can be achieved once a correct diagnoses and treatment plan are completed.

How much better would you feel knowing your own personalised hair reduction program will help you to have silky smooth skin?

YES! Please send the $25 voucher that I want to use on my first treatment!

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