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Do You Know What Stage YOUR Cellulite Is At?

posted by lissa
Do You Know What Stage YOUR Cellulite Is At?

Do You Know What Stage YOUR Cellulite Is At?

Without intervention cellulite does tend to worsen over time. The buttocks and thighs are the areas where it is easiest to identify the stage your cellulite is at. There are FOUR stages.

  1. While standing or lying down, the skin appears smooth and no dimples can be seen on the surface.
  2. The skin has a dimpled appearance when it is pinched or when you are seated on a hard surface. Many an unsuspecting celebrity has been photographed by the paparazzi in just such a pose, and included in magazine articles about cellulite. (And you’ll notice many of these celebrities appear slim as a reed!)
  3. Cellulite is visible when you are standing, but appears smooth when you recline.
  4. Cellulite is visible in both a standing and lying position.

No matter what stage you’re at, Spectrim Contour, an all-natural treatment, will reduce the appearance of cellulite and reshape your body. See and Feel the Difference for Yourself!

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